Jewelry By Design, Facts

These are frequently asked questions about our custom designed jewelry, specialty jewelry, and studio located in San the Diego downtown Gaslamp district.


Can you test gold?
Yes, see the video below for how we test gold for being genuine, and for quality.

Hablas Español ? 
Claro que si!

Where are you located? 
In the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego in the Jewelers Exchange building at 861 6th Avenue, Suite 624. Street parking and behind the building is usually available. The “Park It On Market” lot is two blocks south of our studio. Horton plaza is two blocks west of our studio. MAP / DIRECTIONS »

We are located near the San Diego Convention Center and the San Diego Visitor Information Center, for customers who need quick jewelry repairs and/or want special jewelry designed while on travel here in San Diego. We serve business travelers, tourists, and variety of visitors to our beautiful area.

Do you do repairs?  
Yes, I size, set delicate gemstones and restore wedding rings like new.

Do you provide Military Discounts? 
Yes, 10% discount of the total cost - for U.S. military personnel (ex-military or current).

Jewelry By Design US Military Discount"We had an excellent experience with Mark from beginning to end. We contacted him based on previous Yelp reviews and we continued to be impressed throughout the process. For our 20th wedding anniversary, we asked him to create a matching band for my wedding ring. His confidence was reassuring and the execution of the requested ring was impeccable. Mark is a true artist and jeweler. In addition to straight forward pricing, he offers a most appreciated discount to military personnel. I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with Mark's work. I look forward to having him create more fabulous pieces in the future!" - C.M.

Do you supply gemstones? 
Yes, I have a large selection of gemstones (gemstone provider) and can locate the diamond you desire.

Do you do all of the work yourself? 
Yes! I have total quality control and your heirlooms are safe in my possession. I do not do the gold casting and some detail work like laser welding.

Can I watch you set my stone? 
Yes. Knowing the sentimental value of your heirlooms I welcome you to watch me as I work.

How long will it take?  
Generally two to three weeks. Sometimes quicker.

Will you store this while I'm out of town?  
Yes, your jewelry is fully insured while in my possession. If you feel more comfortable with me storing your treasures, I will give you an itemized receipt and keep it in my secure fireproof safe for $1.00 a day.

What’s the warranty? 
I guarantee my craftsmanship to last your lifetime. If it bends or breaks I will fix it or make a new one without charge. Sometimes stones break; however I am very reasonable about the replacement but lost and broken stones are out of my control. I recommend you bring in your jewelry once a year and I will polish and check the settings without charge.

What are my payment options? 
You’re the boss. It’s your preference. I accept credit cards; checks; cash and sometimes you can trade in old jewelry.

Do you do appraisals? 
No, I am not a certified appraiser; however, I do offer the service of getting it done for you.

Can I trade in my old jewelry? 
Yes. I will weigh your gold and give you that value towards the new project.

Can you ship this? 
Yes, I use FedEx.

Can I finance this or put it on lay away? 
Yes I will do my best to work within your budget. You may take as much time as necessary to pay it off and I do not charge interest. Large diamonds that are not mine must be paid for within 30 days. I prefer a 50% deposit and paid in full when you receive the finished product.

Do you Recycle? 
Our business is committed to recycling all precious materials. Old jewelry can be traded in not only to offset the costs of the new but when requested parts can be re-used to lower our environmental impact. As a small business we make a small environmental footprint. We use no hazardous materials and create very little waste. We are honored to support Plant with Purpose. “A Christian non-profit organization that reverses deforestation and poverty in the world by transforming the lives of the rural poor.”

Do you provide ethical conflict free jewelry and gems and responsible diamonds?  
Yes, we are committed to sourcing all jewelry materials that are ethical or “responsible”, from environmentally friendly and conflict free sources. We consider our products ethical “conflict free” jewelry, for example we use only "responsible diamonds".


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