San Diego non diamond engagement ring

With my passion for creating fine jewelry I am dedicated to making a difference in the world locally and globally. I am dedicated to donating 10% of profits to these organizations below. Both have a 501c3 tax status and have a mandate to meet people where they are, recognize their God-given talents and give them better opportunity to grow.

Heritage Christian School

Locally, I have developed the curriculum for an art class I voluntarily teach at Heritage Christian School. This class gives lower income 7th through 12th grade students the privilege of working together on projects they would be proud of and otherwise not have opportunity. I'm also on the board of directors for the same school's drama club. I have created a scholarship fund there to give students entrance fees for professional drama performances.

Plant With Purpose

Globally, I've known Plant With Purpose and their vision to heal the land and its people by planting trees and sustainable crops in developing countries.

Toolbox Initiative

Jewelry By Design Toolbox Initiative

I had an opportunity to travel to Nigeria years ago. It opened my eyes and heart to care about people from different cultures. My experience was one of genuine gratitude for small things.

The efforts of Toolbox Initiative touches my heart because a few tools in a local craftsman's hands in Africa can help him feed his family. They collect donations of new or gently used tools and silver and deliver them directly to hardworking jewelers, primarily in West Africa. It's a small way to make life better for people who are trying to work in difficult conditions.

On this site there is an inspiring video of a man making earrings with nothing but a hammer and a chisel. Now, that is a craftsman!

Since I support Toolbox Initiative, by hiring me as your personal jeweler, you are positively impacting other peoples lives in Africa. Thank you!


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