What To Do When a Diamond Falls Out of Your Ring

We receive requests from customers regarding their jewelry all the time. One question that people come to us with is "my ring fell apart; what should I do to fix it?" This is exactly the kind of thing we can pitch in and help out with. We know how critically important it is that people have access to the jewelry that means so much in their life. 

Take Your Ring to a Jeweler Right Away

You might think that because the ring has fallen out of your ring that you can’t do anything about it, but that simply isn’t true. If the gemstone fell out of ring, make sure you take it to a jewelry store right away. Many people might be tempted to just throw it in a box somewhere or not bother with it much beyond what they have already done with it. However, you need to think about things from a different perspective. You need to act quickly to save this fine piece of jewelry. 

Replacement Stones are Available

It might be necessary to get a replacement stone to take the place of the one in the ring beforehand. We can provide this service to you, and we will gladly walk you through all the necessary steps to get a replacement stone placed in your ring. 

Some people are upset that they can’t have the original stone in the ring, and, understandably, this might be a frustration. However, we try to remind everyone that it is still better to have the ring at all rather than to be without it because you insisted on a specific stone being in the ring. When you think about it like this, you can start to see why it might be useful to get a replacement stone to help make your jewelry the kind of thing you can still get a lot of value out of. 

Insurance Might Be Helpful

You might want to look at the cost of insurance on a ring. After all, jewelry is one of the most expensive single possessions you might have in your home. With that in mind, it simply makes sense that you would take out some insurance on that ring to protect against any potential damage that could happen to it. 

Insurance companies can help you get a replacement ring or at least get a replacement stone that can be placed in the ring. You might not even have to pay anything out of pocket for the alterations to your ring. If you want to avoid a single major expense with your ring, the best thing to do is look at insurance policies that can keep you covered on something like this. Please consider looking at insurance policies and taking your ring to a jeweler as soon as you know the stone has fallen out of it. 


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