Jewelry Trends in 2022

Jewelry is one of the most popular and vibrant accessories you can wear. However, it is a part of fashion that is always changing and evolving. While some types of jewelry have maintained popularity for quite a long time, trends are always changing. The hottest jewelry trends 2022 may differ from what was popular in the past. Nobody likes to appear out of date, and wearing old trends can make you look like you haven’t been keeping up. These popular jewelry trends 2022 will help keep you in style.

Jewelry Trends in 2022

  • Bright Colors: A notable trend in 2022 jewelry is the striking use of color. While older styles were more minimal in 2022, bold colors are in, and there is a sense of style and whimsy. In 2022 your jewelry is meant to be noticed and be seen.
  • Sparkle and Shine: Vibrant colors go hand in hand with bright jewels. In 2022 gemstones take center stage in many jewelry designs. Diamond and other gems are used to catch the light and glitter in the form of stacked rings, eye-catching necklaces, and more.
  • Big and Bold: Some parts of your wardrobe are meant to make a statement. Your jewelry should also communicate this confidence and presence. The use of texture and scale makes 2022 stand out and demand attention. From larger rings to dangling earrings, the latest trend is to be bold.
  • Silver Instead of Gold: Silver has been used in jewelry for centuries, but in 2022 it is rising in popularity. An affordable metal silver is found in classic designs and in more experimental methods that use twists, toggled links, and other bold concepts.
  • Pearls Are Back In: Pearl jewelry has seen a return to popularity in 2022. Modern pearl jewelry takes its cues from past elegance by pairing it with opal but also embraces current trends such as using imperfect and organically grown pearls.
  • Hoops: The hoop earring is a jewelry staple and remains popular and continually evolving with current trends. In 2022 hoop earrings cover a range of styles from classic and sleek to eye-catching and oversized. Playful use of colors and acrylics are also in style for 2022.

Final Thoughts

Jewelry can take many forms, from a subtle ring to a statement choker. In 2022 the trends are also varied, but common threads are self-expression and vibrancy. Jewelry is meant to be seen and should be lovely to the eye, and the 2022 trends focus on jewelry meant to be appreciated.

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