How To Choose a Trusted Jeweler

When was the last time you bought jewelry? Unlike clothes which you can buy every couple of weeks, jewelry is different. You will take some time before finally buying. Because you do not do this often, choosing jewelry can be a bit complicated. You are not even sure whether you can trust the person selling. And when you start thinking about things like color, cut, carat and clarity, your head might just start spinning. Here are a few tips on choosing a jeweler you can trust.

Check for Certification

One of the ways to know that you are dealing with a trustworthy jeweler is if they have been certified by bodies like the Gemological Institute of America, the American Gem Society, and The European Gemological Laboratory. If your jeweler has been recognized by such reputable bodies, this is a sign they are reputable sellers.

Ask for Recommendations

Word of mouth can come in handy, especially when looking for something valuable like jewelry. Ask your friends or family members where they get their jewelry if you have noticed the quality is top-notch. You can also ask your neighbor, colleague, or coworker. The more recommendations you have, the better.

Check Out Reviews

In this age of social media, you can get information from other people about almost any service or product you want. Ask your online connections for recommendations. Once you get a few suggestions, go to those businesses’ websites and check the review page. What are previous customers saying? Getting feedback from people that have already been served by a particular jeweler will give you an idea of the kind of service to expect.

Good Customer Service

As already mentioned, most of us are not exactly pros when it comes to jewelry unless we work in that line. And because of this, naturally, one will have many questions. A good jeweler allows you to ask all the important questions and explains everything in detail. Beyond that, a good jeweler will also ask you questions to understand your budget and taste and find you the right piece.

Been Operating for Many Years

If a jeweler has been operating for a while, that is a sign of trust. That means the community surrounding that business has trusted it enough to support it. That also means you can trust such a jeweler.

Go With Your Gut

At the end of the day, choosing the right jeweler is your decision. When most people look for trusted jewelers, they want to start and maintain a long relationship. So choose someone you will be comfortable working with.

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