Bring Your Own Gemstone

Jewelry makes for such great accessories. Not only does it enhance an outfit, but it can also bring out the confidence of the wearer.

With so many jewelry designs out there, wouldn’t you want to have something that will be uniquely yours? Something that could hold deeper meaning for you and maybe even become a prized possession or family heirloom.

In that case, you might want to try getting custom jewelry using your own stone! It’s definitely great news for jewelry lovers to know they can get customized designs with their favorite precious stone!

If you’re new to this concept, don’t worry. We’ll help break down how to create custom jewelry with your own gemstone below!

Don’t Lose That Loose Stone

If you’re one of those people who buy loose stones, or if you have one from an old piece of jewelry that you’d like to reset, getting it customized is a great idea. Whether it be for an engagement ring or for your own personal collection, that stone would be better off being shown off in jewelry that’s exclusively designed to suit your style.

The Stone Is the Star

When creating a custom ring with your own stone, you would, of course, want it to be the focal point. That’s one of the great things about getting a custom jewelry design.

In this case, when you bring your own gemstone, the custom ring design will be made around it. It’s not the gem that will be adjusted to fit the style of the ring. With this, you can be sure that the gemstone will be the centerpiece of the jewelry, just as it should be.

Inspect the Render

When it comes to jewelry design, prototypes are rendered first so you can have a clear idea of how the final product is going to look. This is the perfect opportunity for you to scrutinize the design and to give feedback to the designer. Your input is very important in this process because you’re the one who’s wearing it.

Once you approve the render and the jewelry goes into production, there would be hardly any chance left for you to change your mind about any of the design elements.

That’s why it’s also important that you collaborate closely with your jewelry designer. Being on the same page as them guarantees not only a good final product, but also your satisfaction with the custom piece.

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