Can I Use a Family Gem in My New Engagement Ring?

Are you planning to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with your family diamond ring, and you are worried that it might not be to their taste, or it’s worn or outdated? Do you know that you can have the family diamond turned into a modern, new engagement ring? Here’s a guide on making a ring with a family heirloom.

1. Talk With Your Family

Family heirlooms are a big deal, and they mean a lot to your family members. They can be symbols of beautiful life moments and family history. Therefore, before you make any changes to the ring, talk with your family members about your plans. Make sure that the person who offered the ring to you for your proposal is okay with you making changes to it. This will ensure that your relationship with your family remains good after resetting the diamond on the ring.

2. Check the Diamond’s Quality and Condition

You should know that not all diamonds can be reset. This is why you should check the diamond’s quality and condition before embarking on resetting it. Confirm that what you have is really a diamond. Moreover, check if the diamond is bigger than 0.50 carat because it can’t be reset if it’s smaller. It should also not have any significant scratches or chips. It’s best that you have the diamond graded by GIA before resetting it.

3. Think About the Design You Want

You need to come up with a design that your family diamond will be reset to for your new engagement ring. Keep in mind that the sky is the limit for the new design of your engagement ring diamond. However, there isn’t much you can change about the diamond’s size and shape. We advise that you go for a design that’s timeless and personal.

4. Prioritize Craftsmanship

The skill and care that went into crafting your family diamond are some of the things that make it unique. Therefore, it’s critical that you prioritize craftsmanship when resetting the diamond. You want the person who will be working on it to have the skill, ability and experience to make something special. Additionally, you want the new ring to fit the finger of that special someone snugly.

5. Make Plans for the Old Setting

After you take the diamond out of its old setting, what do you plan to do with the old setting? You need to make plans on what to do with the old setting. You can reuse it for something else, trade it in for a new setting, or use it to create a new setting.

Do You Want to Reset Your Family Heirloom?

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