How Often Should You Clean Your Jewelry?

Part of owning a piece of jewelry involves regularly maintaining and keeping it clean. For a piece of jewelry to last long and retain its sparkly look, it is advisable to take it to a professional for regular cleanings and maintenance. 

Most jewelry owners usually ask the question, how often should I clean my jewelry? According to jewelry professionals, you should clean your jewelry more often, depending on the type of jewelry you have.

Due to your daily activities and work routines, your jewelry will get dirty and become a breeding spot for bacteria; therefore, it’s crucial to take it to a professional for regular cleanings. So how often should I get my jewelry professionally cleaned?

Weekly Basis

Diamond-made pieces of jewelry are known to be quite expensive and extremely valuable. However, their value tends to depreciate with time if not correctly and professionally cleaned. Also, diamond pieces of jewelry are the most resilient precious metals.

Therefore, you can clean them without worrying about the tear and wear while washing or after washing. If you wear your jewelry every day, it is highly recommendable to clean it at least every week due to the pile of bacteria that forms on it while doing your daily activities like washing, bashing, etc.

However, you can choose to do your at-home cleanings every week before taking them to a jewelry-cleaning professional. At-home jewelry cleanings should involve using a soft toothbrush and soap to gently scrub off the bacteria on the gold or diamond-designed jewelry. As a result, the cleaning process will improve with time.

Monthly Basis

To increase the value of your jewelry, it is worth taking time and spending some extra cash for thorough professional cleaning of your jewelry. Since jewelry pieces are made of different metals and stones, choosing the proper care methods, soaps, or chemicals to clean your jewelry is highly advisable.

Most jewelry professionals note that leaving your jewelry submerged in liquids longer than expected and aggressively scrubbing using harsh chemicals will automatically damage the jewelry with time. 

Monthly jewelry cleanings are pretty necessary and worth it. Jewelry cleaning professionals use high-pressure steam and an ultrasonic machine to clean your jewelry, thus making it polished and sparkly. Also, they routinely ensure that the jewelry contents, such as prongs and stones, are extensively secure and intact.

Yearly Basis

Cleaning your jewelry a few times a year depends on those who barely wear their jewelry. For instance, those who wear the jewelry only during special occasions such as birthdays and graduations do not regularly and thoroughly clean their jewelry.

However, jewelry cleaning professionals advise at least cleaning your jewelry twice every year to minimize damage and enhance quality. Every six months, you should ensure to take your jewelry for professional cleaning and inspection. 

A professional inspection ensures that your jewelry is in good shape with no loose or bent prongs. Maintaining your jewelry twice a year with regular monthly and weekly at-home cleanings automatically improves your jewelry quality and increases its lifespan.

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