July 15, 2020

Amazingly Custom!

"As newly weds without a plan, we found Jewelry by Design on a whim and it was our first stop in searching for wedding rings. We didn’t need to go anywhere else. I absolutely ADORE Mark. From the moment we walked in, you can see the artistic inspiration in the display cases, in the decor of the shop, and in the pictures he has displayed of the work done by Jewelry by Design. We had such an amazing experience. My husband loves the ocean, and all things underwater, while I needed something to wear under gloves at work without tear. We discussed preferred gems, ideas on design types, and Mark was very excited to work on a design that showcased the both of us. He was amazingly verbal, after we spoke in person, by texting regular updates and showing pictures of progress. I am insanely happy with the results. The craftsmanship involved is insane. Everything is done by hand and in shop, and our rings were so personalized to the very end! Jewelry by Design did not disappoint, and working with Mark was a breeze. "
June 29, 2020

"I absolutely loved working with Mark on my engagement ring! I am very passionate about the ocean and my fiancé and I were able to design a beautiful jellyfish inspired ring for my piece. Mark was great at working with us and adjusting and showing us new molds as we tweaked it to make it exactly what we were looking for! It came out so unique and stunning! We would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to work on custom jewelry :)"
April 19, 2020

"I was looking for a very unique, Hawaiian design so I checked YELP for a jeweler. Mark had amazing reviews so I made an appt immediately! He was so sweet, trustworthy, flexible and incredibly talented! He created each petal and leaf just from the inner-creativity of his mind! He took the picture I had of a ring and turned it into this magnificent, one of a kind ring! I wear it proudly and it makes me feel SO special! Each petal created fluidity and realism to the ring so at any angle, it looks "alive"! The leaves create open spaces so it doesn't appear chunky or enclosed. I'd recommend Mark any day for your next piece! He's a true, hidden gem in downtown San Diego! THANK U MARK!"
November 4, 2019

"Mark was absolutely amazing! We had a custom ring made out of my boyfriend's wisdom tooth with diamonds set within in. We were very worried about the structure of the tooth breaking, but he was extremely careful. He drilled down into the tooth to anchor the diamonds in the metal so they wouldn't budge. Mark is a true artist. He took such great care of us. Thank you, Mark!"
December 14, 2018

"If I had only 1 word for Mark at JBD, OUTSTANDING! I have to admit that Mark is a superior jeweler. We came to Mark asking to have a ring replicated. I had a wedding band custom made years ago and it was a size 13, since then I have lost about 95 lbs and my finger is now a 9 1/4. The wife and I truly love the ring that we had custom made but it no longer fit at all and was unable to be sized due to the construction [see pictures]. So we looked up Jewelers on and found Mark at JBD. Mark has an air of confidence about him that seemed a little over confident. But his craftsmanship in the finished product validates that his talents can deliver and live up to [in my case exceed] expectations. My new ring looks better than the original did on so many different levels. Mark will definitely take the time to listen to customers and talk about what you want as well as give design ideas that are spot on. He truly knows what he's talking about and can deliver a spectacularly s"