June 4, 2022

2022-07-27 | 14:44:24

"Went for a resizing and it turned out perfect! And in record time! Will be return for more excellent work by Mark :)"
April 21, 2022

Resized engagement ring

"Mark was great! I needed to resize my ring as it didn’t fit after having my baby girl. Mark suggested to add these little stabilizer knobs on the inside to help keep the ring upright and keeps it nice and snug should my ring size fluctuate a little bit. It’s comfortable and you can’t even feel the knobs. Highly recommend if you have issues with your ring falling to the sides and moving or if you ring finger fluctuates in size a little. Thanks Mark! So happy I get to finally wear my ring!! "
April 21, 2022

Love, love, love my ring!!!

"Mark made me the most spectacular ring, putting together my favorite features from a few of his other designs. He is truly an artist and has been wonderful to work with it."
September 21, 2021

Ring and Necklace

"Mark was amazing! I had two pieces that I wanted slightly modified. One was a solid gold ring with diamonds that he reshaped, reset and polished. My new favorite piece! Another was a diamond bar necklace that was vertical and on a thin chain and he soddered it to be horizontal and on a new white gold chain. Awesome experience! "
July 29, 2021

Custom Made Beautiful Ring

"I had an idea to make an engagement ring out of a special piece of pottery for my girlfriend. This clay piece was from an ancient civilization dated about 2,000 years ago. After visiting several jewelers, I was feeling very discouraged. They were not willing to work with a piece so soft and fragile and told me it was pretty much impossible. Mark, however, took the challenge and made a beautiful engagement ring. He covered the pottery piece with a clear sapphire to protect it and yet made the red clay shine. The design turned out to be perfect for a unique and special ring."